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Our Equipment

Bridging the manufacturer/end user gap to ensure minimal supply chain disruption.

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Hauling for all the major industrial and medical gas manufacturers

Currently, Southern Pines offers 21 multi-service cryogenic trailers to address changing market conditions and to support industry partners that manufacture industrial and medical gases.  These cryogenic trailers have the capability to deliver liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, and liquid argon.

Our trailer fleet currently consists of state of the art stainless steel multi-service cryogenic transports equipped with the latest technology and components to insure quick and safe product off load.

Our fleet also incorporates the Turbines CDS1000 flow meter that measures amount of product delivered which ensures accuracy on the amount of product delivered to the customer.

In early 2017, company management decided to purchase eleven new aluminum cryogenic trailers that will be designed and optimized for liquid nitrogen service offering improved payload for liquid nitrogen customers. These trailers will also be state of the art pieces of equipment with the latest technology and components that will allow safe and efficient product delivery including the Turbines CDS1000 flow meters.

With the fleet expansion plans currently under way, Southern Pines Cryogenic trailer fleet will consist of 30 cryogenic trailers by summer of 2017 making Southern Pines a major player in the contract cryogenic hauling arena. Our goal is to continue slow and steady expansion to serve the ever changing demands of our customer base.

Today, our cryogenic trailer fleet hauls for all the major industrial and medical gas manufacturers and a diversified group of customers involved in transporting industrial and medical cryogenic gases. We also have the capability to offer our customers power only options as well to meet the demands of the marketplace.

Southern Pines Trucking bridges the manufacturer / end user gap to ensure minimal supply chain disruption due to lack of equipment or support within the supply chain.



When your business has a surge, it can be a short-term or long-term issue

Southern Pines can step in and provide you with a dedicated fleet of drivers without the long-term commitment. Our extensive nationwide network of drivers can move your product locally, regionally or nationally. Call and explain your need and we will make all the final details and react accordingly. With 24-hour customer service and competitive pricing.

Southern Pines’ Power Only offers:

  • Company Drivers
  • Newer Lightweight Tractors
  • CDL Drivers with Hazmat Tanker Endorsements
  • Customized reporting
  • Capacity to meet your needs

Power Only Options:

  • LIN
  • LOX
  • LAR
  • Liquid Helium
  • Tub Trailers
  • Cylinder Trailers
  • CO2 Trailers

Southern Pines professionals ensure that all safety protocol is followed.


Industrial Gas Hauling Service

Moving any type of gas that needs hauled

Southern Pines offers hauling of Industrial and Class 2 gasses. This includes flammable gas and toxic gas as well as those that are not flammable or toxic.

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Southern Pines Trucking and Cryogenic Services