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Tanker, HAZMAT and Heavy Haul Services

Satisfied Customers

"Southern Pines has been a key logistics partner to Sapphire Gas Solutions.  Their core drivers on our account work to make sure that our customers are serviced on time and are proactively communicating with our team on issues that impact our operations.  Our logistics team maintains solid relationships with the Southern Pines dispatch team down to the individual driver which makes them feel like an extension of Sapphire in the regions in which they serve."

Jeremy Gilliam, Executive Vice President of Operations

"The team at Southern Pines (management/drivers) are a pleasure to partner with. They are professional, responsive to our changing demands, and provide reliable service.  What sets them apart is their commitment to identifying workable solutions to support our business.   Whether our needs are planned or unplanned, we can count on Southern Pines to make every attempt to assist us."

Jeff Baba, Central Transport & Carrier Manager